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Engineering Systems provides Document Management service (EDMS) that work together to provide a comprehensive solution for managing the creation, capture, indexing, storage, retrieval, and disposition of records and information assets of your organization. We gives you professional quality scanning, OCR and data entry automation solutions for any size job.

Services Overview

Services includes is to establish the digital repository of all documents and it will be share and accessible to all the relevant users within the network.

  • Scan all the documents and drawings into digital format.
  • Install and deploy document management system software.
  • Classify your documents with key metadata data for document organization and easy retrieval.
  • Store the converted documents in a relational database capable of comprehensive indexing & full-text searching.
  • Allow documents in the repository to be retrieved and displayed for the users.
  • Software system will be capable of versioning control ensures users knows where their documents are and what version is being worked on.
  • Software provides the powerful search engine to find documents in the library which saves time and ultimately reduces cost.
  • Defined role base user control.
  • The simple and intuitive interface ensures that users can take full advantage of the scanning and document management features.
EDMS Software Capabalities

Software Application we are using having following capabilities.

  • Version Control
  • Document Tagging or Metadata Capture
  • Check Documents Out / Check Documents In
    Virtual Folders
  • User Roles and Security
  • Work Offline
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Indexing
  • Searching
  • Document "Tagging" or Metadata Capture
  • Audit Logging and Tracking
  • Document Linking
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Reporting and document Compliance
  • Email
  • Calendar